Saturday, 28 December 2013

The last sorry

I have wrote on many of my post sorry due to the lack of posts. I have no excuse as i set this blog up with the promise of writing weekly. 

I made this blog with too many promises being made to many people and also myself even through i knew it would be hard to keep. This i shouldn't of done as it made me stressed and not what i wanted with the making of the blog. 

i started concentrating too much on who is reading it and how many followers i had and not enjoying the whole thing of being a blogger. I am not sure how many people actually like my blog, if i have regular people visiting and i know a have no followers however this shouldn't matter. The enjoyment of writing and reviewing of products should. 

i am in full time education which i need to commit to the work and also am i someone that needs to push themselves to do something. 

I still want to blog. I have decided to blog again but i don't actually know when i will start posting. I have decided to write at least once a week however i will try write more and also hope to update the template. I have plans to get a better camera due to the bad quality photos.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Worlds apart jewellery - Lilac freshwater pearl and sterling silver bracelet & Aquamarine and sterling silver bracelet

Why i have missed blogging about wonderful products such as these. Apologies to no posts, however i have been caught up with exams and having no time however these two pieces will make it up to you, i'm sure.

The bracelet has been made using aquamarine gemstones and elastic. When i received this item i didn't know it was made using elastic as normally bracelets that have used elastic are weak and you think they will only a bit, but you could tell by just picking it up how strong it is. The gemstone are so pretty and are a light blue colour. This would be the perfect piece to wear with any outfit/occasion due to the light gemstones. The bracelet also has smaller silver beads placed every 3 gemstones. All of the pieces are handmade and also the gemstones used have a meaning. The aquamarine gemstone is the stone of courage.This piece also costs £12 and can be bought here

This is my favorite out of the two. This has also been made using elastic hover as stated before it is a very strong type of elastic so they are no worries of it snapping easily. The bracelet has a 11mm sterling silver lobster clasp and is made using half silver beads and half of freshwater pearls. The bracelet i so beautiful especially the genuine lilac freshwater pearls, I love how the light reflects off the pearls. The bracelet can be worn to mostly everywhere such as the beach and weddings. This costs £20 and can be bought here

To view more of the range visit Worlds apart jewellery for more travel inspired jewellery 

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jamie Jewellery - Lucky Elephant Charm necklace in Gold

Lucky Elephant Charm Necklace Gold

If you cant tell yet: i love jewellery that is traditional looking such as Hamsa charms. Another charm necklace to add to my long list is the Lucky Elephant Charm Necklace by Jamie Jewellery.

This is sold for £49 and has onyx and jade stones shaped like stars attached to the hoop. I always state how much i love the little details that go into the designing and making of all the jewellery. They are delicate yet add to the piece. The charms are attached to a gold chain. The elephant has also been pressed with small circles which add to the texture but are not too over the top which would make it not look as good.

To see more visit Jamie Jewellery (click link)

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hamsa & Infinity friendship bracelets - Japan Fan

Who doesn't love bracelets like this? I love collecting these however i always struggle to find the hamsa charm and ones that look like they will last. I ave also tired to make them but i seem to have no time to make them or struggle resulting in me stopping. Then i came across these -

Both are priced at £3.30 which is a bargain. All bracelets are handmade to a high quality. They are made with soft durable cord which i love as some can be made with waxed cotton cord which i find annoying on my skin. Also by feeling the cord you can tell the strength of it and will last a long time. Both also have the Chinese knot which allows the tightening of the bracket to be quicker yet still secure. I am fascinated to how the charm has been added as a individual piece is running through it. Also the bracelets can be brought in a range of colors such as pink, grey, green, blue, red etc. These will both be part of my holiday jewelry.

The Hamsa charm bracelet can be found here
The green infinity bracelet can be found here

Also be sure to check out the full range at Japan fan's shop - (click here)

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Jamie Jewellery - Vintage Hoop Drop Stone Earrings Rose

Another amazing post of Jamie Jewellery gorgeous pieces. Yesterday i was planning on what i product i was going to review then i found a new collection which i adore. The collection 'Vintage stones' involves long chain necklaces, drop stone earrings and the short chain necklaces. i will be reviewing each of the pieces soon. The first thing that caught my eye was these-

Vintage Hoop Drop Stone Earrings Rose

Pretty aren't they. I feel like you could belong in the cast of 'The Great Gatsby' with how glamorous they look. The earrings can be brought in sterling silver or 24ct gold plated with my favorite being the gold (as shown above). I love how the gold makes the pink stand out and also giving it a twist on the vintage look with the pop of colour. These earring would be the perfect accessory to make a statement. The twisted lace hoop makes it so elegant so would be perfect for any occasion.

To see more of the collection - Vintage Stones or the whole range - Jamie Jewellery

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Case only - NARS phone case

Who doesn't love phone cases? especially ones that have the NARS nail lacquer as the print. After discovering Case Only on Etsy i love every design that was sold. I chose the coral NARS case that when the nail lacquer colour was sold in shops it was part of the limited Pierre Hardy edition. 

The case shown above is sold £4.62 and the exact colour is 52 - vertebra coral. I love the price of the case as it is lower than most phone cases you find.I love how they have a large collection of colours . When selecting the design you can also pick what you want the case to be made out of - Hard plastic in white,black or clear / Soft rubber in white or black. Myself went with the clear hard plastic.

I love this case which has not been took off my case since being sent this a few weeks ago. I will be buying some more styles that are also sold such as the chanel nail varnish, dior nail varnish or even the ysl.

To get this phone case like mine - NARS phone case or more like it visit - Case only

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Harmony Charming - Lip scrub and balm

I got these 2 weeks ago after these being sent by the lovely brand Harmony Charming. The products normally come in delightful vintage compacts however due to them being expensive i received 2 tubs which were still very nice to look at with the wax stamp on top.

 When i tried these i found the lip balm to have no smell and also it produced a rosy colour . I also love the lip scrub which has a strong smell of vanilla which i nearly feel the need to get as it smells so delicious. The Products are also organic so benefits you and the environment. 

The vintage lip balm compact are at sale for £20.08 and the vanilla lip scrub is £4.06. Also you can buy a lovely small size pot like those above for £3.18.

To see more lovely products like these visit Harmony Charming

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